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What is Collectionstock?
Who is Collectionstock?
Where are the designs from?
How do we deal with the privacy of personal information?
Who do I buy the designs from?
Who is responsible for the designs?
Will I get full ownership?
How can I be sure that the design I buy does not infringe any third party copyright?
I received a complaint that the design I purchased infringes someone else's copyright? What to do?
What to do if a design infringes my copyright?
How can I use the My List tool?
Can I select the same design more than once?
How long are My List and Shopping Cart saved?
What if a design is bought by someone else and it is still in the Shopping Cart or My List?
How fast will the design be delivered to me?
What if my purchased design is not downloaded?
What if I lose my downloaded design?
How long will purchased designs be saved under My Account?
Can I get a refund?
Can I get a discount if I buy a big volume of designs?
How safe is the payment system?
What is a User?
How do I become a User?
How do I update my profile?
Can the same person be both a User and Studio?
What is a Studio?
How can I become a Studio?
Can the same person be both a User and Studio?
How long does the Studio application process take?
How can I submit my designs for upload?
How long does it take for my submitted designs to be accepted for upload on Collectionstock?
How can I follow the status of the checking process for submitted designs?
How will I get paid?
How can I follow the sales status of my designs?
If I buy the design for exclusive use, can another user then still buy this design?
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